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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Joan Scott Interview (Women & Media Blog Post #2)

While trying to look for useful multi-media materials for another classes' facilitation project, I found this video of Joan Scott doing an interview for UC Berkeley. Scott speaks of some really interesting theories and the way being a historian has changed over the years. This video speaks to the Allison, hooks, and Davis writings on the importance of intersectionality, which bell hooks in her opening sentence of Where We Stand states, "Nowadays it is fashionable to talk about race or gender: the uncool subject is class" (pg. vii), as a way of noting how even when discourse tries to be inclusive, it often still falls short somewhere. I really enjoyed a lot of the ways Scott points out the erasure of other systematic forms of oppression get left out when trying to discuss certain, singular issues. She goes in to bigger, more specific discussions when she begins talking about her book about the banning of the veil in France. I think that her rant (for lack of a better word) towards the 36 minute mark is especially great in the context of those three readings because she is discussing how being female, Muslim, and poor are major factors in how this debate over the veil being banned is discussed.

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