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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Women & Media Blog Reflection

Writing this blog has been a challenge to say the least. I'm an avid blogger, but being constrained to a certain form and way of writing was suffocating for me and I found it hard to really articulate everything I wanted to say in the ways I was supposed to say them. I also found myself writing more than I was supposed to but, again, I felt like they were necessary so I kept writing anyway. I always love discussing pop culture texts and dissecting them so at the very least I enjoyed talking about things I like (who doesn't).
I didn't really learn much from the writing process, I guess. I'm very used to discussing pop culture in blog form (I run a blog with a friend about positive/problematic race representation in geek/nerd culture/fandoms) and felt relatively at ease while writing about the things I was writing about. I mostly learned that apparently I am not very good at blogging when there are rules and directions. I already view most texts with a very critical eye and generally try and discuss them with others to try and flesh out the reasons I feel that certain way and how it related to previous discourses. It's something I've always kind of done, but being in the WGS department for this long has really made it a constant thing for me.

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